About Our Firm

Alinea Legal Coaching is dedicated to providing tailored, affordable legal services to people handling their own family legal matter.

We empower our clients by taking the mystery out of family law and the legal process while allowing them to maintain control of their family law matter [and allowing them to maintain control of how much they spend on legal services]. We help our clients to more effectively manage their family legal matter by providing legal advice, consultation, coaching, drafting and review services.

Alinea Legal Coaching is based on Vancouver Island with offices in Victoria and Duncan. We accept clients from across British Columbia for legal coaching services.

Alinea Legal Coaching is owned and operated by Laurel Dietz. Laurel Dietz is an experienced family lawyer and has been practicing law since 2011. She is committed to providing affordable legal solutions to family law clients.

Alinea (pronounced Ah-lin-ee-ah) is the formatting symbol for a new paragraph, which looks like a backwards “P” with two stems. It means a fresh train of thought or a new start.