We meet with all of our new clients one-on-one. This initial meeting is invaluable to welcoming you to the Alinea family and ensuring that we can continue to support you through your separation process. More importantly, at this meeting our clients get a clear idea of immediate next steps they can take, strategies they can employ, and basic knowledge of their rights and responsibilities at law.

Strategy Session

We book Strategy Sessions for 90% of our new clients, who are not at the agreement stage. This Strategy Session is for you if you have just separated or have been separated for a while and are not sure what steps to take to settle and finalize your family law issues. You can always book another Strategy Session at any point in your case.


Cost: $600 plus tax


Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra help getting your point across…

Had your strategy session, but you want some more support?

Phone-a-coach$125 for 15 min $200 for 30 min $300 for 45 min $350 for 1 hour

Email-a-coach$100 per question

Meet-a-coachNot available at this time

If you are a new client, we will ask you to complete an intake form in advance of our meeting, so we can answer your questions right away.