Wills & Estate Planning

A small amount of planning for your legacy will ensure that you save your love ones a lot of time, stress, and money. A Will is not only for those with large estates and money to pass along.


Will (single)
A will is first and foremost an act of consideration for your loved ones. Even if you don’t have kids and aren’t concerned about where your wealth goes, someone close to you will need to deal with your affairs after you’re gone, and making a will gives them the tool they will need to do that in the most straightforward way.


Cost: $400 plus tax

Enduring Power of Attorney
This customizable document empowers someone you trust to act on your behalf to deal with finances, real estate, and legal and administrative matters. It does not deal directly with healthcare decisions—see www.nidus.ca for care planning options—but a power of attorney is the easiest way to avoid financial tangles on top of a critical health event.


Cost: $150 plus tax

Wills Package for a couple
A flexible package that can accommodate just about any estate planning your family requires. Mirror wills are not irrevocable, but a range of drafting tools are available to thoughtfully meet the needs of a blended family or any other unique situation.


Cost: $800 plus tax

Additional time for drafting more complex clauses in a will, a longer instruction meeting, or a significant redrafting due to a change of instructions are billed at the lawyer’s hourly rate.

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