Court Documents & Finalizing Divorces

We offer these services to clients who have completed a Strategy Session. The court and justice system is incredibly complex and it is critical that you get your documents right. We offer these services, so that you don’t have to stress about the technical legal pieces and you can focus instead on putting your best case forward.

Court Documents

If you find yourself heading to court, you may need some help drafting or revising court documents. This is our price list of commonly required services.

Provincial Court Application documents or Reply forms

Supreme Court Notice of Family Claim; Response and Counterclaim

Supreme Court Notice of Application; Response to Application. Includes review and revision of one affidavit

Financial Statements


Filing court documents on behalf of client

Legal Research

If you don’t find the service you need on here, contact us for a quote.

Guided Uncontested Divorce

This is for you if you and you former spouse are legally married, have been separated for a year, one or both of you have resided in BC for at least a year, and you have already negotiated and signed a separation agreement.


Cost: $625 plus tax

Add-ons available:

Administrative support

If you need extra assistance completing your intake forms, gathering information, filling in court forms, or taking any steps that were recommended to you by your lawyer / legal coach this service is for you.

Please note this is not legal coaching or legal advice. Administrative support is provided by a legal assistant, not a lawyer.

We still recommend you have one of our lawyers review court documents you prepare with administrative support. The cost of having a lawyer review your documents is not included in this service.

Cost: $110/hr plus tax


Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra help getting your point across…

Sometimes you just have a quick question
or you need to refresh and revise your to-do list.

Phone-a-coach$125 for 15 min $200 for 30 min $300 for 45 min $350 for 1 hour

Email-a-coach$100 per question

Meet-a-coachNot available at this time

If you are a new client, we will ask you to complete an intake form in advance of our meeting, so we can answer your questions right away.