We’ve been fortunate here at Alinea Legal Coaching to help many clients through the trials and tribulations of a separation or divorce. Here’s what a few of them had to say about their experience with us.

How could we have exceeded your expectations?

“Laurel was amazing. She was thorough and organized and really helped to ensure I moved through my trial process feeling confident and organized. Nothing could have exceeded my expectations.”

How did it help you?

“Good advice. Strategic. Timely service. Well priced. Fair billing.”

“Everything was quick and easy. Lots of guidance, I could email any time and always got a quick response.”

“I was a nervous, disorganized wreck before meeting Laurel. She helped me to feel assertive, confident and organized for my trial and I am so so grateful for her services. Best choice I could have made for myself to prepare for the proceedings.”

How would you describe your experience with Alinea Legal Coaching?

“Good lawyer who is responsive and knows her stuff. Coaching approach helps you learn about the process, make educated decisions and save money.”

“Awesome! I’m FINALLY divorced!!!!! I would have done it sooner if I knew it would be this painless.”

“I was so grateful for the knowledge and confidence Laurel was able to share with me in preparing for my family trial. Already such a stressful process, I was feeling so overwhelmed and disorganized and Laurel helped me work through that and focus on the facts; she helped me to feel prepared- confident and organized for my trial. I would absolutely recommend her service to others able to access it. Definitely a much more affordable option for me than seeking actual representation. Many thanks!”