Full Service Packages

To give you a general sense of the cost and variety of service we will provide, please see below for sample packages. We encourage each client, however, to design their own package depending on their needs and budget.

Sample 1: Legal Coaching Subscription

Per month; non-cumulative
Phone calls to be scheduled around lawyer’s availability

Cost: $500/month plus tax with no further commitment; $400/month plus tax if you commit to a minimum of 3 months

Sample 2: Legal Coaching Subscription

Phone calls and meetings to be scheduled on lawyer’s availability; meetings must be booked during the first seven days of each billing cycle for time lawyer is available during the course of the entire billing cycle.

Per month; non-cumulative:

Cost: $745/month plus tax with no further commitment; $600/ month plus tax if you subscribe for a minimum of 3 months

***If these packages don’t work for you, call us to discuss putting a package together that will work for you. Also see below for our one-off services.***

Sample 3: Separation/Cohabitation Agreement Packages

Package 1 – Client negotiates and drafts agreement. Agreement is reviewed by lawyer and amended to include appropriate legal language. Client must provide lawyer with supporting documents as requested.

Cost: $1,000 – 1,500 plus tax

Package 2 – Client negotiates terms of agreement with spouse. Lawyer drafts agreement.

Cost: $1,500 – $2,000 plus tax

Each package comes with an initial meeting of 1-1.5 hours to outline the rights and obligations you must address in your negotiations and separation agreement. Lawyer will give you advice on potential resolution options for you and your spouse.

Sample 4: Trial Prep Package

Full amount is due regardless of whether or not the full package is used; meetings must be scheduled at time of booking package.

– Package is subject to lawyer availability

For this package, client prepares own documents, corresponds with opposing counsel his or herself; represents self in court. Client will determine how to use time allotted to their greatest benefit.

Lawyer is able to provide guidance at meetings on strategy, provide blank fillable word document court forms, direction on how to prepare documents, review of documents, assists in identifying legal issues, guidance on legal research and use of legal resources, direction on how to conduct oneself in court, notarize documents, assistance in putting together settlement proposals, guidance on preparing for giving evidence or cross examining and guidance on preparing submissions.

Available for the 2 months leading up to your trial

12 hours in person meeting time for the cost of 10

(best used after completing subscription package)

Cost: $2500 plus tax.

Sample 5: Uncontested Divorce Package

Cost: $500 plus tax.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a package of legal coaching? Want to add on to your legal coaching package?

Phone-a-coach$80 for 15 minutes ($65 for 15 minutes if you make your own 1-month package; discounts available for clients who commit to a 3 month+ subscription)

Email-a-coach$70 per question ($60 per question if you make your own 1-month package; discounts available for clients who commit to a 3 month+ subscription)

Meet-a-coach$200 per half-hour ($125 per half-hour if you make your own 1-month package; discounts available for clients who commit to a 3 month+ subscription)

If you are a new client, we will ask you to complete an intake form in advance of our meeting, so we can answer your questions right away.

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